28 April 2008


Saturday started out great. Seriously. It was cool and crisp outside. Our housekeeper came around 8 am and Jenn snuck out of our room and let me sleep in. Wow! I got up and hung out with E a little and then we went to his room and started picking up. He did most of the work, I just kept him on track, doing one thing at a time so he wouldn't get overwhelmed. I wanted to make sure Kristen could dust and vacuum in there! LOL

E's friend M was coming for a sleep over and showed up around 11:30. I took them to get some Sonic and then went and picked up Jenn, Kristen and I a sandwich from Subway. After we ate, since it had warmed up past 70F, I decided I would take the dogs out to the dogwash and check it out. I got there and got Sophie washed (so much easier than the bathtub!) and Chloe just watched. I ran out of quarters and she is so small, I figured I would bathe her at home in the sink or tub.

I got home about 2:30 and walked around the block with Sophie, to let her continue to dry. I stood in the front yard with her for a minute and she and Chloe both went potty and then I started walking them to the back yard to put them in the fenced area. Little did I realize that there was a hole, hidden in the grass, waiting to trip me up. My foot went in, I heard my ankle pop and feared that I would fall on my bum knee, so I sort of twisted my body, hoping I would land on my side, but no, instead I heard a horrible nose in my back, felt a sharp pain, and yes, still landed on my knees.

Sophie took over. Seriously. She sensed something was wrong and she stood guard right in front of me, like she wasn't going to let anyone get me while I was down. Unlike Chloe, whose leash was still in my hand and she was tugging and running and trying to get free from me.

With Sophie's help (thank god she's a big dog) I pulled myself up and hobbled into the back yard (where E and M were playing) and hid my pain while I unleashed the dogs and made my way inside to the bathroom (where I was initially headed because I had to pee something horrible). Sitting down was excruciating and I feared having to stand. I sat in there trying to catch my breath and assess my pain and where it was coming from. I had no idea where Jenn was and I didn't want to be a baby about it, so I forced myself back to my feet, walked into the sun room and sat down on the sofa and cried.

Jenn came to find me about 1o minutes later and I lost it. I was in such horrible pain. I took a flexeril and tried to relax. I got up and got in bed and slept for awhile with some ice on my back. I woke up later and barely got myself to sit up. I tried to stand but it was too painful. Jenn called her mom to come stay with the boys and insisted (and I didn't put up a fight) in taking me to the ER.

It took me forever to get into the car. She almost called an ambulance, but I wouldn't let her. We got to Baptist Hospital and she got a wheelchair for me, which I didn't want at first, but was glad to have. I got checked in and waited to be called in by triage. Surprisingly, it didn't take long (well, long enough for Jenn to lose $2 to the Coke machine) and they decided to send me over to the urgent care, where I was the only patient (as opposed to the emergency care, where they were crazy busy). The doc saw me, said I probably tore or severely strained my lumbar (I think) muscle and that all I could do is ice it and take pain killers and take it easy to let it heal. He was very worried about my foot and ankle and lower calf, though, which had swollen up very big. I wasn't so worried about that, because compared to the pain I was having in my back, it was like a paper cut.

I got xrays and nothing was broken, just sprained. The nurse came in and put a splint on it. They gave me two pills that were like magic. I couldn't believe how much my back pain improved. The doc came back, gave me an Rx for some pain meds and we left. Wow! We were there only an hour and a half. We went to the 24 hour Walgreens and dropped of the Rx, stopped at Taco Bell and then went back and got it.

I got into bed and dropped. I slept on and off through the night and then slept a lot during the day today. I was dumb and didn't take a pill at 6pm when it was time again (thinking I didn't need it because I felt so good) and boy did I find out how much my body got jarred by that fall. Both my knees started throbbing, my left wrist, my right shoulder, my ankle REALLY started hurting and worst of all, my back started again with the shooting pain.

I am back on the Rx pills. I don't know when I will be able to go into work. At this point, I can barely go up and down the two steps from my den to the living room - I cannot imagine trying to climb the stairs to my office.

Needless to say, I am on the mend and trying not to complain to much, but I am hurting. :(

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