23 June 2008

True Colors Tour

I am supposed to be there now with Jenn, but I just feel too terrible. So I was sitting on the sofa watching the boys eat dinner and the phone rings and it is Jenn and she says someone wants to talk to me and it is FUCKING CARSON KRESSLEY!!!! He said hi and that he was sorry I was sick and couldn't make it and that I would have to come next year and I couldn't believe he was on the phone with me and I said something like "I just think you are fabulous." LOL I am sure that I am missing a fabulous night and I am really bummed about it, but getting to talk to Carson was just amazing!

She sent a little clip of Andy Bell singing and I just love Erasure... Joan Jett and the B-52's and Cyndi Lauper (who I saw with Cher years ago when she broke her ankle) and Margaret Cho....

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