15 June 2008

Back home

We got back home last night, around 7:30 pm. Mom and E suprised us at the airport! It was great. I had missed him so much.

We spent Thursday and Friday sight seeing. We went to the Empire State Building (which I couldn't deal with, too high and I got vertigo). We took a night bus tour on a double decker bus. It went all over Manhattan and over to Brooklyn so we could see the Manhattan skyline from the pier. Very cool. Very beautiful.

We met with Jenzy, Mish, Michelle, Patti, me and Jenn at the Carnegie Deli and had lunch on Thursday. Sammy came with Jenzy and she is a DOLL! The deli was delicious and the portions were GIGANTIC! Jenn and Mish bought a million purses and then we went over to MoMA and it was just FANTASTIC! I loved it. It was amazing to see all that wonderful artwork.

Jenn and I left a little before everyone else and went back to the hotel. I was beat. I fell asleep and Jenn and Patti went to Central Park and went to Strawberry Fields and the Dakota Building.

It was an amazing trip. We went to see Mama Mia on Friday night and it was a terrific show. I think I have Jenn hooked on musicals, now! Yay!

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Alexis Jacobs said...

What a great picture! So glad you guys had a great time.