11 June 2008

I Heart Patti LuPone

OMG! Gypsy was FANTASTIC!!! Seriously. Patti LuPone is amazing and I saw her LIVE! It was just awesome! We are having a lot of fun. Tuesday we got to the hotel, got checked in, had some lunch and then went to the room for a bit of a rest. It was scorching hot. It was supposed to rain, though, and it did. We went out to Times Square and I stopped at Foot Locker to get a pair of good walking shoes (Marc Echo, very cool) and it started POURING. We found a guy selling cheap unbrellas and got some and then walked around, did some shopping and found a theater and decided we would see SEX AND THE CITY. OMG! It was so good. I forgot how much I missed Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha!

Today we slept in a little, got some lunch at an AMAZING Brazilian restaurant - Churrascaria Platforma and I HIGHLY recommend it. It is right over by the theaters and is very reasonable for as much food (and quality of food) that you get. The salad bar is fantastic. There were hot and cold salads. I had an AMAZING aspearagus risotto and a seafood stew full of scallops that melted like butter. The meats were all amazing and they had a wonderful vinigarette to put on it that gave it a flavor like I have never tasted. It is on 39th Street, between 8th and 9th Aves. Go there! You won't regret it!

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Liz Caruso said...

oh my gosh! I've been to that restaurant! I have tried to describe it to people many times and you just really can't explain an experience like that, it is so unlike anything else (especially around here in OK...think Golden Corral!) I was a vegetarian when I went there and still I ate more amazing, delicious and plentiful food than I could have imagined. We just happened upon that place, and I'll never forget it.