09 June 2008

Heat Wave in DC!

OMG! It is hot hot hot in DC! We got in on Friday afternoon, finally made it to our hotel and trekked up to get a late lunch and then to the liquor store and back to the room. Dawn came in early Saturday morning. I had meetings and she and Jenn went to get breakfast. Misch and Michelle came over to the hotel around noon. We all went and got some chow around 12:30 and then went to the Holocaust Museum. Saturday night we did a moonlight trolly tour of DC monuments and it was so much fun!

Mish and Michelle went to back to NYC on Sunday morning. Dawn had to leave to go back home, too. Sharn got there in time to see Dawn for a bit before she left and she and Jenn hung out and then we all went and got a late lunch and then got to meet Bill, Austin and Jack.

Patti was supposed to get in very late on Sunday, but ended up in horrible delays and didn't get to DC until Monday evening. I went to meetings on Monday and Jenn went to the Nat'l Archives and the White House. We took Patti over to the Lincoln Memorial Monday night and also saw the Korean Memorial, as well.

We got up early today (Tuesday) and caught the Bolt bus to NYC. It is really nice. It has wifi and that is how I am posting now. It is comfortable and roomy and I have had a nap. Can't beat that. It is way better than the tiny airplanes we took to get out here.

I will post about NYC when I have time!

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