03 October 2008

Santa Intervention

Having issues with your children and their behavior? Not picking up their rooms? Talking back? Fighting? Running around crazy? Wouldn't it be great if your kids could receive an email from Santa? Well now they can!

Santa can send them a "Santa Intervention" email whenever you want, detailing your children's offenses and letting them know that he and his elves are watching them and contemplating whether they are going on the "naughty or nice list".

Santa just needs to know your child(rens) names, their offenses, the town you live in and "voila!", email sent notifying them of their status with Santa. Here is a sample of needed information:

Anna - not listening, talking back, pouting when she does not get her own way.
Max - Won't leave his sisters alone, being a pest, not listening when told to stay out of the girls room.
Davis - talking back to his mom, not listening to his Dad.
Emily - not wanting to share the computer games, and whining when asked to do something.
We live in Indianapolis. Thanks!

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