02 February 2010


I just have to bitch a little about Oprah XM. It used to be the best talk radio I have ever listened to. I was addicted. I started my day with Gayle King, Dr. Robin, Meet the Peetes and Rabbi Schmuly. I liked Dr. Oz and Marianne Williamson, but now it BLOWS. Poor Gayle is expected to carry that whole station.

I was so glad that I found Sirus STARS!! I am totally crazy about Mary Occhino's Angels on Call. I listen to it every morning on my way to work. I try to call, but have yet to get through. LOL Rosie O'Donnell has a 2 hour show after that is fabulous. I love it. I think they need to find another show to fill the 2 hours after (they replay Rosie) soon or they will loose listeners for Broadminded (which is pretty cool, too). I don't listen to it as much, because they replay Rosie and I change the station because as much as I love it, I don't want to listen to it twice in a row.

Sonya Fitzpatrick (The Pet Psychic) is on Tuesday evenings and I have really grown to like her. I have been listening to her for the last several weeks on Tues. I have even tried to call in, but just like Mary O, I cannot get through.

Anyway, this is my daily listening... I sometimes change it to Classic Vinyl, though. Because I need some 70's fix! :)

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