11 February 2010

House Hunting

Jenn and I spent the afternoon in Edmond looking at houses. I think we looked at 12. It was a long day, but we had a really good time with Monty and I think he has a very good idea about what we want and need. I think we probably have a better idea of that too.

We have been looking at 3 bedrooms as well as 4 and I know that if we do get a 3 bd house, we will need a bonus room or something extra. It just won't be enough.

We found things that were ok, that we hated and a few that we really liked, but nothing jumped out at us and said "This is it!". We have plans to look in Norman on Saturday afternoon. I hope we find something great, because we really like Norman. Although, I know if we don't find something on Saturday, we have plenty of time to find something. We don't even want to move until after school is out in May.

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