16 November 2005

Was a quiet day at the office today. Everyone was out helping Oklahoma County get ready for their fundraiser. Emailed back and forth with the moms group and had fun emailing with Jennifer.

Kathy, Linda and I had lunch at Irma's. It was excellent and I always enjoy the eye-candy waitresses.... Linda - you have great waitresses *wink* AND I got to see the ultrasound pictures from yesterday! They were adorable! Baby girl... :) It's making my clock tick! LOLI

FINALLY got my drivers license renewed today! Only 16 days late! Then I went to the mall (gag) and got M and E both a Christmas gift. I found a great neon clock for M's room. She will love it. And I got E a gumball machine because he is always stealing his sisters gum in her gumball machine. I also got them some bottle caps for their stockings. Yummy.

I found a coat FINALLY too! LOL Now that it is actually cold, I remembered. I found several things at Lane Bryant. My mom called when I was there and said she got a $50 gift card from there in the mail today - if you spend $150... which is how much the coat is. So I am had them hold it so I can come home and see if I got a gift card too or if I have to get it from her. They actually had some cool stuff for fall. I found a great grey sweater... I will probably go spend TOO much tomorrow when I go back for the coat, but I never buy myself clothes.

I meant to get E some long sleeve shirts, but I forgot to go to the kids stores. I so hate shopping. I might get online and see what I can get mailed to us. LOL

M is gone tonight. E is watching FOSTER'S HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS, so I am catching up on my much missed time on my laptop. I have missed laying in bed on the computer this last week. My mom always asks how we can be on the computer so much, but I love it. I always find stuff to do. Listen to LAUNCHCAST and play games.... email, chat, look at internet porn... or not.... lol

I am ready for the weekend. Tomorrow night some of us are going to speak to OU's GLBT & Friends group and then I think I am going to take M to see HP: GOBLET OF FIRE on Friday and then Sat is the Mom's Potluck and that will be so fun! I am thinking about going to the Family Pride meeting on Sunday... we'll see. I still haven't heard if it is going to be this Sunday or not. 'til later..........

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