04 November 2006

Day Off!

Yesterday was a terrific day off! Camille brought Charlie and Aly over in the morning to play with Eli. The repair guy came and showed me how to fix the heater! Yay! The kids all played and had lunch and then after school, I picked up M too.

Had a nice evening last night. M spent the night with the boys. It was cold out, so I made red beans n' rice and after dinner, we played Yatzee Jr. and then Clue. It was a lot of fun. Then the kids begged to sleep in the living room, so we made a big pallet on the floor for them and let them watch a movie.

I got up today and cooked pancakes and bacon and the kids played for awhile before I had to take M back home. Now the boys are napping and Jenn and I are playing Pogo and talking. What a nice, lazy day!

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