06 November 2006

Pending Elections

Ok... I am almost a-twitter with pre-election anxiety! Ugh! I cannot wait for Tuesday night to be over so that the returns are in and we have some results and this maddness can be over!

I am starting to worry about the Dems lack of urgency and hoping that they (we) can muster enough spirit to make it to the polls. I fear that we won't 'go in droves' as we have been led to believe and all the faith in our party will just be futile.

I don't, however, believe that most of the Dems really deserve our vote. They don't seem to have any type of message or plan, other than they are a change from the Repubs. But what does that get us?

I am very dissolutioned with both parties and wish that were were more like the UK or AU or Europe... with multiple parties. Yes, we have more than 2, but nothing substantial. It is time for our party system to change.

With that... I await tomorrow night.

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