06 November 2006


Had a very relaxed and lazy weekend. It was cold and rainy. M spent the night Friday. We had red beans and rice (her fave) and then played Clue with her and the boys. We also played Yatzee Jr and then, since they were very good, they made pallets in the living room and got to sleep in there and stay up a little late and watch movies.

I think I fell asleep by 10. I was exhausted. But 6:30, Elcomes and wakes me up, wanting pancakes and bacon! LOL

We didn't do much on Saturday, except some laundry and POGO playing. We did meet some friends for dinner at Ted's Saturday night and it was GREAT! I have always heard about how good the food it, and sort of "snuffed" at it, because Mexican food is pretty much the same around here, but it was truly EXCELLENT!

Sunday, Jenn worked on her board most of the day and we did more laundry. She conned me into making my apple cider pork chops and she made those great potatoes and even the boys ate their dinner!

They colored and drew pictures all evening and we watched NATURE on PBS and then some DiscoveryHome (or whatever that channel is). It totally makes me in a remodelling mood!

Have a lot to do today at work. Have tons of filing! UGH!

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