07 November 2006


Ugh. Just thinking about the holiday season is giving me stress. Every time the boys see a toy commercial it's "I want that!". I hate how the holiday season has just turned into a big money suck and is more about presents than spending time with family.

I seriously do not have more than a couple hundred to spend on Christmas this year and it is just going to have to do and I hate feeling guilty about it or upset that people might feel slighted. How crazy is that!?

I also want to go to Sears or Penny's and get the boys pictures made soon. Cards with pictures are what this year's gifts are all about! :)

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Karen said...

I feel the same way. It hurts to hear my two go on about what they want. The four year old, especially.

This year, my goal is to get them to learn how to give and be satisfied by that feeling of helping others. We plan to give to charities and toy drives.