07 November 2006

Get OUT and VOTE!

Well, the polls were so busy this morning that I didn't vote yet. I will have to when I get off work. At least people were out voting. That makes me happy.

I talked to M's mom and she wants M to spend Friday night with us. Yay! That will be fun. K is supposed to be at his dad's house, but we will see as the week progresses if that actually happens.

I need to call Tina and Helen. We had talked about getting together and having dinner or something sometime this weekend. The kids would have fun if we got together.

I need to totally overhaul the house. There is so much stuff that needs to be gotten rid of. It must be done. I have Friday off for Veterans Day. I will start then. I also need to fix the plumbing in one of the bathrooms. I am dreading that. I hate pulling off that pipe and seeing what oozes out in the pan. *gag*

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