18 November 2006

Our Anniversary

Well, it's here. We have officially been together for a year now. I cannot believe it, yet it does seem like I have known her forever.

We had a wonderful evening last night. A nice dinner at a child-free restaurant, feasting on brie, duck, and this wonderful four berry sorbet with sweet sour cream on top. It was amazing and I cannot wait to return and do it all again (although, it will probably be Valentine's or something like that!)

Tonight, we had a babysitter for 2 hours that I suprised her with, so we went out to Pepperoni Grill for dinner. We had some champagne, a wonderful meal and some much needed time without the kids. It was a great dinner, too.

I woke up with her in my arms and that is were I always want her. She is my best friend, my love, my joy... She is everything I want and need and desire.I never thought I would find a woman like her.

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