02 January 2008

Happy New Year!!!

We had a really nice New Year's Eve. Jenn made a terrific dinner. We had steaks, loaded baked potatoes and grilled asparegus. Mmmm! She also sauteed some mushrooms for my steak (she doesn't do mushrooms). She also bought me some Newcastle Brown Ale, which tasted wonderful with my dinner!

We ate and watched the Pokes beat the crap-o-la outta the Hoosiers at the Insight Bowl! I was so happy!
We ended up going out to Alibis around 11pm. It was sort of depressing. There were only a handful of people there and they were playing some really sad, depressing "don't leave me, I love you" songs on the juke box. *rolleyes*

After midnight, I put a $5 in the box and played a bunch of upbeat, fun songs. Some more people started showing up and it actually got pretty fun. We tried some new drinks - a liquid marajuana (sort of melon-ish) and some shot that had blueberry vodka in it that (despite my dislike of vodka) was pretty smooth and nice.

We ended the year on a great note and started the new one wonderfully! Welcome 2008!

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