05 March 2008

Already a LONG week

We had a break in at the office this past weekend. They ransacked our offices. So far we haven't found anything that was stolen, which is good, but it has been a chore trying to sort through all the paperwork that was dumped.

On top of trying to put the office back together, Jenn has had mid-terms and her Biology class is just getting really hard. She is getting really stressed out. I ended up taking us all to Golden Corral for dinner last night, because I didn't think she would be up for making dinner after her crazy day. She had a test in Religions of Mankind and then her Biology lab quiz was very hard.

I am glad that my nephew's birthday party is this weekend, because a little trip down to Dallas may help us all.

The boys are excited to go and also to stay in a hotel with an indoor pool, so they can swim. LOL We will probably take them to Dave & Busters, too. I want to take the boys to The Purple Cow for a burger at some point and Jenn wants to go to Pappasitos. It is her favorite place.

It should be a fun weekend. My parents will be down, too and so we are hoping the whole family can hang out together a little bit.

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