11 March 2008

Rep. Sally Kern....

The more I think about this, the more I don't know the way to respond to her. And finding out that the House is going to do nothing to censure her or anything, just infuriates me even more.She can say that she wasn't targeting "individuals" but some magical group of gay "agenda" havers... but it is a cop out and a lie.

Of course she can get away with this if she isn't targeting individuals. It is just nameless, faceless gay activists with an evil agenda that she hates. That's okay, right?


I just heard that News 9 is going to give her even more of a platform, because she is going to be interviewed by them for tonight's news! Ugh. I hope that it is balanced and countered with an interview with Cimarron Alliance Foundation or something.

The protester in me wants to get my signs and picket. But the more I think about it, the less I feel this will have any type of positive effect. People will just roll their eyes about it. Even though picketing Olivet Baptist Church (where her husband is minister) might be interesting.

What I REALLY think we can do is get INVOLVED. Get involved in local congressional races. Especially in Oklahoma City District 84! She isn't term limited until 2016, but she has to run every 2 years. We need to find out who she is running against and help with that campaign.

Get involved in Stonewall Democrats or Cimarron Alliance Foundation. Sign up to go to their Leadership Summit. I am thinking that I am going to do so. It is May 10, from 9am to 5pm and here are the topics:

Leadership Development Organization Development – non-profits, fundraising, etc. Government – politics and the legislative process
Personal Development – spirituality, equality, etc.
Anti-violence – anti-bullying, hate crimes, etc.

There will also be two community forums: (1) discussing the possible creation of an LGBT community center in Oklahoma City and (2) a meeting of the Stop Hate Coalition, an anti-violence group founded as a result of the recent brutal murder of a gay Oklahoman.I think that this is SO necissary for people to attend. THIS is a way to get involved. There are other organizations, like PRIDE and DBA Metro. They need active members and it is a way to network and strengthen our community!

Come on! Let's get involved!

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