17 March 2008

My Love

I cannot believe that it is only 5 months until Jenn and I get married! Boy, the time sure does fly by fast. Sometimes it seems like we just met and are just starting our romance and then it seems like I have known her forever. It is coming up on three years - wow!

We actually met online and as cheesy as people think online dating places like eHarmony and other are, they really worked for us and we know of several other couples that met in the same way.

I really liked the fact that I knew we were compatible in our views on certain topics like religion and politics and I knew that she loved kids and maybe even wanted more, like me. You don't get that when you met someone out at a bar or club. It is almost entirely superficial and based on chemistry when you meet someone face to face like that. Not that it isn't superficial online, too. I will say that I was definitely interested in Jenn by they way she looked in her picture and she has said the same about mine.

Who would have thought that three years later, we would be getting married and talking about expanding our family?! It is so exciting! I am so very happy in my life and have a wonderful partner and love.

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