15 August 2008

Diabetes Team Meeting

We had to go to the school this afternoon and meet with the diabetes team. It went really well, actually and all the teachers are just right on board with E's diabetes care plan. It was great. The PE teacher sat in, too. There is another boy, who is K's age, who has diabetes, too. He has a pump and he was showing E how it worked and telling him how much he liked it and all.

I thought it was great to hear from his mom, too, how much they like it and how much easier it is. E has not been interested in a pump at all. But maybe now that he has seen a kid with one, he will think about it?

He has only seen adults with pumps before, so to see a kid with a pump was a good thing. What was so awesome, too, is that his glucose meter is bluetoothed to his pump, so when he checks his sugar, the information is automatically sent to the pump. Then he just puts in how many carbs he eats and the insulin is delivered through the site and into his body! Wow! I was impressed!

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