26 December 2007

Happy Holidays!

Wow. What a crazy couple of days!

We had Christmas with the boys and Jenn's mom (opened presents) on Christmas Eve day. They opened the presents from us and Jenn opened the gifts that the boys got for her (a new mp3 player and car adapter). E got an mp3 player and an iDog and a really cool R2D2 learning laptop. K got a guitar video game and some Cube World guys. Grammy got both the boys new bicycles! And they are big boy bikes. Very cool. K got a blue Spiderman bike and E got a red Huffy.

We went to my parents that afternoon and had dinner with the family and then looked at Christmas lights for a bit. The boys got to open some new pjs and went to bed. Jenn and I had talked about going to midnight Mass, but were too tired to make it.

The boys got some cool stuff from Santa and Nonnie and Pop got them a Wii! Their eyes glazed over! They got so much cool stuff and three more Webkinz. My sister and BIL got them each a Razor scooter, too. They will be set for when the weather gets nice!

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