09 August 2010

Selling the house

So we moved the end of May and are selling the old house. So far, there has been a lot of showings, but no one has made an offer. Check out the pictures!

It has been a great little house. My grandparents purchased it in 1950 and lived there until 2002. I moved into it in December 2002 and was there for almost 8 years. The elementary school is a few blocks away and is awesome. Linwood Elementary.

It is about 1300 square feet. It is much larger than it looks from the outside. It has been updated a lot and has fresh paint, dark wood laminant and white trim. The kitchen has custom-made maple cabinets and a nice sized pantry. All the kitchen appliances are included.
There are 2 living areas and a sun room as well as three bedrooms and 1.5 baths.
Contact Monty Milburn at Keesee for more information!

25 July 2010

So long since last posted....

Well, we found "the" house in Norman. We found a couple we liked, actually and spent a few weeks going back and forth on which one we liked best and then we stumbled onto a FISBO in The Vineyard and that sealed it for us. We loved the house and loved the neighborhood.

We closed on March 19th and moved May 21st. Wow, what a process, but it is SO worth it. We just love it here. There are over 20 kids on our street that are close to the boys age. They have made lots of friends and had a really great summer, playing video games at friends houses, riding bikes, playing basketball, going swimming (many of the houses have pools). It has been awesome!

The boys had an awesome joint birthday party right after we moved in, complete with an inflatable moonbounce and water slide. It was cool and all the kids in the neighborhood came. It was good to meet the kids and parents and introduce ourselves.

What else? Jenn graduated from OSU-OKC in May. That was a step in the right direction. She starts at OU in the fall. Two more years! I am excited for her and she is a little apprehensive about the size of the campus and the classes. It is so much bigger than OSU-OKC, but I know she is going to do great!

E went to Diabetes Day Camp (Camp Nohilo) in June and had fun. He is looking forward to Diabetes Sleep-away camp (Camp Endres) on August 1. A week from today we will be driving him to Davis. Wow. Mom is a little nervous but excited for him.

K starts his tennis "camp" tomorrow. He has lessons M-Th at Westwood Tennis Center. He is excited. We bought him a new racquet yesterday. It is cool. Red and black.

My sister had her baby on July 2. A little girl they named Lily. We still haven't been able to get to Dallas to see her. E and I were going to drive down on Thursday and see her and my nephew and sister. I am excited. I miss being around a baby!

11 February 2010


We looked at a house at Coffee Creek yesterday. It was perfect except that all the rooms were just too small. Little living room, little kitchen.... the bedrooms were tiny. *sigh*

I was excited about living by a golf course and playing more. Especially since I am getting Jenn into it. I would love it if we played some golf together once a week (or more). LOL

House Hunting

Jenn and I spent the afternoon in Edmond looking at houses. I think we looked at 12. It was a long day, but we had a really good time with Monty and I think he has a very good idea about what we want and need. I think we probably have a better idea of that too.

We have been looking at 3 bedrooms as well as 4 and I know that if we do get a 3 bd house, we will need a bonus room or something extra. It just won't be enough.

We found things that were ok, that we hated and a few that we really liked, but nothing jumped out at us and said "This is it!". We have plans to look in Norman on Saturday afternoon. I hope we find something great, because we really like Norman. Although, I know if we don't find something on Saturday, we have plenty of time to find something. We don't even want to move until after school is out in May.

02 February 2010


I just have to bitch a little about Oprah XM. It used to be the best talk radio I have ever listened to. I was addicted. I started my day with Gayle King, Dr. Robin, Meet the Peetes and Rabbi Schmuly. I liked Dr. Oz and Marianne Williamson, but now it BLOWS. Poor Gayle is expected to carry that whole station.

I was so glad that I found Sirus STARS!! I am totally crazy about Mary Occhino's Angels on Call. I listen to it every morning on my way to work. I try to call, but have yet to get through. LOL Rosie O'Donnell has a 2 hour show after that is fabulous. I love it. I think they need to find another show to fill the 2 hours after (they replay Rosie) soon or they will loose listeners for Broadminded (which is pretty cool, too). I don't listen to it as much, because they replay Rosie and I change the station because as much as I love it, I don't want to listen to it twice in a row.

Sonya Fitzpatrick (The Pet Psychic) is on Tuesday evenings and I have really grown to like her. I have been listening to her for the last several weeks on Tues. I have even tried to call in, but just like Mary O, I cannot get through.

Anyway, this is my daily listening... I sometimes change it to Classic Vinyl, though. Because I need some 70's fix! :)

Forever and a day

I cannot believe how long it has been since I have logged into this blog, much less written anything. So much has happened since this summer. Work has gotten (finally) back to some type of normalcy. The Executive Director was fired 10/08 but in Nov. 2009 she and her husband (who had also been working with us) were indicted for embezzlement and conspiracy to commit a felony. Anna pleaded guilty pretty fast. She didn't make bail and was in county for awhile. We are still waiting for Gene to plead or go to trial. It has been a LONG couple of years.

What else? The boys started second and third grade this past fall. They are both doing well in both grades. They both like their teachers. They are playing basketball right now and enjoying it.

Jenn and I are still on the PTA board and she is finishing up her Associates degree this semester and will transfer on and is thinking about getting her BA in Secondary Education/History. I did a semester at OU but it was just too much with working full time and having young kids and a family. Maybe when Jenn finishes and goes back to work, then I can do school.

We got a new puppy around Thanksgiving. She is adorable. Her name is Mollie and she is (another) Old English Sheepdog. Our friend Monty took Chloe for us. She was just not liking the boys anymore and biting and nipping at them. She is very happy to be in a kid-free environment.

Mollie is great. We adore her. She is full of energy and very much like having a 3 year old. But she is a sweetheart. She fits right into our family.

15 July 2009

Boys Rooms

Well, we are FINALLY doing it. We cleaned out the boys bedrooms this past weekend and all their "crap" is stacked up in the dining room. Willie came over last night and started painting. The boys picked out paint on Saturday. E picked lime green and K picked a very pretty blue/green color. Then they found a Sponge Bob border and begged me for that, so I got it.

We are painting both rooms with both colors. They are going to have a bedroom and a toy room and share both. The bedroom has green on 2 walls and blue on 2 walls. We are painting the wood trim white to match the rest of the house. The toy room has the bottom half of the walls blue and the top half green with the border running in the middle. K already had a Sponge Bob room, so we have 8x10 pictures of Sponge Bob that we will hang back up in there.

Willie got the green painted last night. He is coming over tonight to paint the blue and then he will probably finish up the trim on Thursday. Vaughn is coming on Friday to pull up the carpet and put down hardwood floors. I cannot wait to see what it will look like!

I am pretty sure I have found 2 twin beds and a dresser to go in there. We probably need to get 2 good-sized rugs, as well. I think I found a couple on line that are pretty kid-like.

So by next week, they should have a new, cool bedroom.


So I started a new thing a week ago. It is a product by IsaGenix called IsoLean. It is a shake that I have for breakfast and lunch. I started it on July 8 and although I don't have a scale to weigh myself on, I am thinking that I have lost a little bit of weight because my face is looking thinner and my pants are fitting me a little better. I am praying that it works and that I can stick to it.

Two people I know have both lost 25 pounds using the IsoGenix products. I am wanting to do 4x that in the next year. I think that is a pretty attainable goal. I think that if I can loose 20 or 30 pounds, then I will be able to start adding more exercise into my routine. As of right now, my knees are hurting so much, it is just hard to do much of anything. I do swim some, but the next day is murder, my knees hurt so much.

08 May 2009

The Alzheimer's Project, HBO Sunday

Be sure to watch. It should be interesting and probably sad, too.

08 March 2009

Where did the time go?

Wow. I don't know where the past few weeks have gone. It has been a whirlwind! The boys are playing soccer and had their first game yesterday. They both played well and their team won 2-1. They were excited about that. We went to Chickasha after the game and saw my sis, nephew, cousin and her kids. The kids had a blast playing and E ended up spending the night.

Jenn and I went to Norman and drove through several neighborhood (like we do when we are there) and still have our heart set on the Vineyard. It is just the look and feel that we like and we just haven't found it anywhere else. We met with the builder Friday and looked at lots over there. We have narrowed it down to 2 and Jenn said she found her "dream house" - one of the homes we looked at while over there. It is already sold, but the floor plan is pretty close to perfect for us. It's all just moving a little too fast for me.

So last night, we drove around Norman and checked out other neighborhoods, because I think it is important to check out other options. Then we went to Barnes & Noble and spent our birthday gift cards. Thanks Mom and Dad! And we went to Best Buy to look at cameras because ours is old and dying and we wanted something nice and new for Disney World next week. Next week! Wow. Cannot believe it's almost here!

We went out to Riverwind and played blackjack and then had dinner and came home and had a great night in. Life is good.

Oh, and I am going to be going back to school at OU in the fall. I have officially been accepted. I have 33 hours left for my BA. It will take longer than I hoped, though, because I just don't have the time to take more than 6 hours a semester and work and have a family and a life. But I guess I can handle it taking 3 years. Then onto my Masters!

18 February 2009

Getting healthy

Ok. I was so good before the holidays. I was eating hardly any carbs, only one soda a day and no fast food. Fast-forward two months. I have gained back the weight I lost. I know that some of this is because of the knee surgery and not being able to move for several weeks. I am just now really getting the use back.

I went to the market this morning and bought pistachios, cheeses, some Hewbrew National's and some sliced turkey, sweet potatoes for baking, organic peanut butter, rice cakes, blueberries, DanActive, apples, pears, Tylenol Arthritis and a Women's multi-vitamin. Oh, and some tiramasu creamer for my coffee (my splurge).

Back to whole wheat pasta and no bread. Back to tons of chicken and fish and veggies. I know I will feel better and it will hopefully motivate me to get back to the YMCA to work out! Maybe I will go tonight and E can do the kids' class at 6:30pm. He loves that. Last night I took him up there and he played basketball in the gym for about 30 minutes. We had a parent meeting about soccer. He is so bummed that basketball is over. Soccer starts in a couple of weeks, though and hopefully he will love that because he is my little runner. I call him "Dash" because he is quick. Next year he will be old enough for track.

I sure don't want him to have to deal with a weight problem, especially on top of his diabetes. His sugar has been a little out of whack the past week. It's like we just cannot get it at a constant. It's either too high or too low. It's been frustrating.

Part of it is probably that we have been eating out a lot because Jenn has been swamped with school and homework. She is taking 15 hours this semester and it is just a LOT. Her accounting takes up tons of her time. Maybe I should go grocery shopping for her tonight?

04 February 2009


We are going through our annual audit. This week the auditors have been here, having us pull all kinds of stuff that may or may not be there, since we have missing items. It is starting to really wear on me. I will find things that should not be or not find anything that should and I get very upset and angry.

It is hard because right now I really cannot talk about any of it. It is stressful, hurtful and still, it is a little shocking.

Will this ever end? The AG's office should have the results of the State Auditor's investigation by month's end. I don't know what to think about that. It makes me sick.

03 February 2009


It's just me an E this afternoon. Jenn has class until 9:30 tonight. I don't know what we will do, but something fun! I don't have anything to work on tonight, except his Star Wars quilt. I am looking forward to just hanging out and spending time with him!